Friday, November 30, 2012

Fadeout Review

Jan Solvang has spent her life avoiding conflict and commitment. Six months ago, she left a marriage proposal and a job in Seattle to care for her dying mother. Now she feels trapped in California with an inherited dog, working with her estranged father as a memorial event planner. Scriptwriter Roman Keller thrives on conflict. His documentaries reveal the flaws of the famous. Jan's challenge is to help him write a positive eulogy for a grandfather he despised, but Roman is more interested in her other client: a powerful attorney with a dark past his family wants buried with him. If Jan stands behind the family and Roman goes for the expose, who wins? The tension between them grows as each discovers the other is keeping secrets. Will the truth destroy their chance at love?

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FADEOUTFADEOUT by Rolynn Anderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a beautiful story though not what I expected. By the blurb, I thought it would be comical. I mean, fainting disorder? That screams humor to me. Instead, the humor was more subtle, mostly brought out with Roman, who is very loveable and unique. I say he is loveable because any man who realizes their mistakes and mans up to them gets points in my book. I found more mystery and serious drama, almost heart wrenching, than the lighthearted romance I was expecting. Still, it’s an excellent story that runs very deep with themes, characterizations, and understanding of the human condition. It’s very well-written and kept me interested the whole way through. I won this book in a contest and was very excited to read it. Loved it!

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  1. Wow! To wake up Friday morning and read the first 'official' review of FADEOUT is one eye-opener, but to see that the reviewer enjoyed my book, taken in by the characters and themes, and gave it a five-star rating...brought tears to my eyes. This why we write, hoping that the stories of our hearts capture the imaginations of our readers. Thank you, reviewer, Lisa Rayns, for making my day, week,month...year!

  2. I don't know about "official", hehe, but it was great. I loved it, Rolynn. Fabulous job!