Friday, February 28, 2014

Fool For Romance 2014 Contest

Welcome to my stop on the Fool For Romance 2014 Contest! My prize is an ecopy of the two books below, the first two in my Wanted: Vampire Trilogy. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment with the word vampire in it. That's it. Good luck and thanks so much for visiting my blog!

You can also find the book trailers to these books on the right side bar.

Wanted: Vampire - Free Blood
Book 1 in the Wanted: Vampire Trilogy
Released: Aug 24, 2012 Genre: Paranormal Romance Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Three years ago, death blew out the candle in Alexis Hall’s life and left her devastated. Nothing could replace what she’d lost, not even the sexy stranger she awoke married to. Still, she finds it hard to ignore the dangerous sparks he triggers within her. She knows Bradley Cox took advantage of her. What she doesn’t know is he holds a secret that will change everything.
But Bradley isn’t her only concern. In a moment of desperation to somehow reclaim what she had lost, Alexis made an offer to a vampire––free blood. Her blood.
In a story of heartbreak and obsession, a simple ad changed Alexis' life forever and on one fateful night her dreams and her nightmares will collide. Can she trust Bradley? Or is he her worst mistake? Can she retract her offer to the vampire? Or will she fall under his deceptive spell?

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Wanted: Vampire - Bad Blood
Book 2 in the Wanted: Vampire Trilogy
Released: Feb 24, 2013
Joel’s back.
Determined to return her sexy ex to his former vampire self, Tara Callister does what she has to do: She exposes three evil witches in order to enlist her coven’s help. Unfortunately for her, things don’t always work out as planned.
Targeted by her enemies, betrayed by her coven, she must figure out how to save herself and those she loves from the evil entwining itself in her life. But when her journey of self discovery leads her down an even darker path, will she stand behind her white witch promise or become one of them? And more importantly, are Joel’s feelings for her strong enough to survive it all?

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Book 3 in the Wanted: Vampire Trilogy: Coming in May 2014

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Closed - Congratulations SaturnMoonie!

Grand Prize Winner - Shannon R.!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2014 Poetry – Cold

I would be lying if I said I expected to start writing poetry again. Yesterday, I was speaking to a colleague who asked about my poetry and last night my son told me he was going to start writing poems. I told him, "That's great!" and shut out the light to go to sleep. This seeped in and I had to turn the light back on. Enjoy!


The weather is frigid,
It’s so damn cold,
And I’m alone,
With no one to hold.
Each night I lay awake,
My brain frenzied.
Then I realize,
I’m no longer married.
Time will heal the heart they say,
But what will keep the cold at bay?
The winter is eternal.
This I believe,
Until the summer sun shines again.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The brakes have been hit.

In my first post of the year, "Burning a Bridge in 2014," I said I was expecting some major life changes that I guessed would be a lot like slamming on the brakes, backing up, then cranking the wheel and flooring it in a different direction.

Well, 53 days in, the brakes have been hit. The inevitable has happened, and I am official getting a divorce. Right now, I feel a bit overwhelmed and devastated even though I had expected it since October. 

Then my grandmother died this morning. That's hard to face alone.

I'm thinking about my motto when I was a kid: "Whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger." I want to find that girl again. She was amazing.

Turning Home Release Day


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cover Reveal: BATTLE CRY by Melissa Snark

BATTLE CRY by Melissa Snark

A Victoria Storm novel

#3 Loki's Wolves series

Genre:  Paranormal/urban fantasy

Coming in June 2014  * * *  Add to your Goodreads Shelf

"We meet Valkyrie Victoria Storm in the middle of a blood bath, and we did continue on from there. I must say Melissa Snark has all the makings of an awesome story teller."
Gloria Lakritz
Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

"A definite must read for anyone who enjoys urban fantasy."

Lisa Lester

Fight For Your Write Blog