Friday, October 24, 2014

Hexed Release Day Blast

Hexed Everything and everyone has an expiration date, including Gwen Sparks. When Dorian, the Angel of Death, saved her, he did more than bend the rules: he shattered them.

When Gwen’s memories are stolen, the balance of life and death shifts, and magic goes on the fritz. Dorian realizes that even the angel of Death must face consequences for his mistakes. Everything and everyone has an expiration date, and time is running out for Gwen. If they don’t find a solution, Gwen’s borrowed time will come to an end, and Dorian will lose the woman he risked everything for.

Both will have to make a life-changing decision. Dorian’s choice will result in either altering his very existence or losing Gwen forever. Gwen will risk everything to right Dorian’s wrong, and her decision may just result in her death.

This book includes an Aiden Blake short story. You've heard Gwen's side. Now hear his.

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Craved - Amazon / Barnes and Noble / Only $.99 ebook Audio book - Audible Deceived - Amazon /Barnes & Noble /Audio book - Audible

Coveted - Amazon / Barnes & Noble /Audio book : Audible
Hexed - Amazon / Barnes and Noble /
Due to sexual content and language, this book is intended for readers 18+ Stephanie Nelson is giving away a signed set of her series to one lucky winner. Open to US residents ends Nov 7 @ 11:59 PM EST a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wanted: Vampire Trilogy Cover Reveals, October Releases, & Giveaway!

I’m very excited this month to have not one but two releases in a series come out! 

If you didn’t know, I recently got my rights back for the first book in the trilogy and with the release of the second edition, there are new covers! Keep reading for the giveaway!

Wanted: Vampire – Free Blood
Book 1 in the Wanted: Vampire Trilogy

Three years ago, death blew out the candle in Alexis Hall’s life and left her devastated. Nothing could replace what she’d lost, not even the sexy stranger she awoke married to. Still, she finds it hard to ignore the dangerous sparks he triggers within her. She knows Bradley Cox took advantage of her. What she doesn’t know is he holds a secret that will change everything.

But Bradley isn’t her only concern. In a moment of desperation to somehow reclaim what she'd lost, Alexis made an offer to a vampire––free blood. Her blood.

In a story of heartbreak and obsession, a simple ad changed Alexis' life forever and on one fateful night her dreams and her nightmares will collide. Can she trust Bradley? Or is he her worst mistake? Can she retract her offer to the vampire? Or will she fall under his deceptive spell?

Book Page / Buy on Amazon / B&N

Wanted: Vampire – Bad Blood
Book 2 in the Wanted: Vampire Trilogy

Joel’s back.

Determined to return her sexy ex to his former vampire self, Tara Callister does what she has to do: She exposes three evil witches in order to enlist her coven’s help. Unfortunately for her, things don’t always work out as planned.

Targeted by her enemies, betrayed by her coven, she must figure out how to save herself and those she loves from the evil entwining itself in her life. But when her journey of self discovery leads her down an even darker path, will she stand behind her white witch promise or become one of them? And more importantly, are Joel’s feelings for her strong enough to survive it all?

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Wanted: Vampire – Written in Blood
Book 3 in the Wanted: Vampire Trilogy

When Annabelle Cox is forced to return to her hometown of Medford, she is anxious to tell a certain vampire he’s had her heart for years. Malik Drake is sexy as hell and completely irresistible, but the bad boy is also engaged to marry her mother the moment her father dies.

Ignoring the complications, she’s determined to tell him how she feels in hopes of changing his plans for the future. But the closer she gets to him, the more powerful a hidden adversary becomes, and their sizzling attraction may not stand a chance in Hell.

Book Page / Buy on Amazon / B&N

Even better than the releases…

Since I got my rights back, I now have more control over the pricing and have made this series more affordable than ever! Only $2.99 per ebook!

To celebrate my releases, and Halloween of course, I’m giving away an autographed set of the Wanted: Vampire Trilogy with the new covers to one lucky winner! Good luck!

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October Promotion Cancelled

Since only two people signed up for my huge October promotion, it has been cancelled due to lack of interest. Not to worry though. I still released the books I had planned to release. Stay tuned on this blog for the cover reveals and this month’s new releases. I still plan to have a giveaway too, so watch for that!

Published and available!

A quick update on the state of my books.

The last week has been a little hectic as far as publishing.  A deadline came up when I was in the middle of reformatting ALL my books so I did unpublish them all for a day.  This is a friendly note to let you all know that they are reformatted and republished and should trickle down through the channels and be available everywhere soon. You can visit their pages to see where they are now. I am updating the links as soon as they are available. 

Many have new pricing and I've released THREE books this month already!

Thank you.