Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Touched by Fire Review


Divorced, disgraced, robbed of her legacy and her pride, a desperate Hannah Shelton stages her own death and leaves the Pennsylvania home town that scorns her. Passing herself off as an innocent mail-order bride, she arrives in Wisconsin to meet her future husband--never anticipating the flames of passion that will sear her soul, and send her into the arms of another man.


Strong, steadfast John Aldman is pleased with his pretty bride-to-be, but it is his brother, Daniel, whose every glance, every gesture touches Hannah's heart with fire. Just when desire threatens to burn out of control, Hannah's deception is discovered, sparking off bitterness that may cost her Daniel's love. Now, while raging brushfires blaze through the land-as red hot and unstoppable as the passion of two lovers-Hannah knows she must confront her past...before she can claim a love destined to burn brightly forever.

Touched by FireTouched by Fire by Gwyneth Atlee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My very first historical romance and I loved, loved, loved it!

There's so much action, suspense, and romance wrapped up in this book, I couldn't put it down. Beautifully done!

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  1. I was happy to come across your blog, Lisa. I'm so glad you've been enjoying my Colleen Thompson romantic suspenses and have discovered my Gwyneth Atlee historical romances, too. Thought I'd let you know that one of the historicals, Innocent Deceptions, is a free Kindle download on Amazon.com today (if you do e-books!)
    Thanks so much for the kind words!

  2. Thanks, I just downloaded it. I'm a huge fan! I'm reading Touched by Evil right now. I had thought The Deadliest Denial my favorite so far but after reading Touched by Fire, I admit, I was torn. Keep up the awesome work! You're amazing Colleen!