Saturday, February 18, 2012

Midnight Reflections Review

Julia's midnight reflections actually happened at four in the morning. She was far from home, lonely, watching a handsome man sleeping in her bed at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Robin, the handsome sleeping man had put himself in terrible danger so she could solve a mystery. Now she was feeling guilty as hell.

Robin has become obsessed by Julia, knowing something besides her attractiveness enchanted; an illusive mixture of sweetness and intelligence that beckons. He's playing a role, hiding his true identity, trying to win her heart.

Julia is playing a dangerous role herself, working for the man she suspects murdered her brother. She also suspects that Robin is much more than the mechanic he proclaims himself to be. Can she trust him?

Together they uncover information so inflamitory they are forced to flee a dangerous and angry politician. He rules a dangerous and profitable drug army. People who will do anything to get into his good graces. Even murder.

Midnight ReflectionsMidnight Reflections by P.M. Richter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Though not as intense and fast paced as most of the romantic suspense I read, the plot was engaging and interesting and kept me reading. The plot is well developed and continues two chapters past where most would end. I didn't mind that. This book is plot-driven. I prefer a plot heavier on romance, but I liked this book and the characters.

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