Thursday, April 26, 2012

Legion of Bats Review

Legion of Bats—They were all different, but together they changed the world

In a world governed by fear and corruption, a baby, Zoe Masterson, was born and immediately targeted for death. Hidden away in the rural West Virginia town of Tanner, Zoe grows up feeling like an outsider—always just a little bit different from the people around her. As bad becomes worse, she is arrested for arson and a murder she didn’t commit. She is taken to a mental hospital, where she discovers nothings is as it seems and her destiny awaits her. Zoe quickly becomes caught in a web of strange abilities, politics, murder, discrimination, and forbidden love. Will she be able to bring a government to its knees in order to have the one person who matters most to her?

Legion of BatsLegion of Bats by Shadow Stephens

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First, I love the title of this book. Throughout the story, I kept thinking of the X-Men. Yes, the X-Men. A team of people with powers pulled together into a school to develop their powers. And interesting powers they are. The lively characters carry this intriguing plot forward as it unfolds with plenty of exciting action scenes and surprises. It’s a fun and entertaining ride!

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