Monday, April 30, 2012

"Cupid Painted Blind" Character Interview Hop

Cupid Painted Blind is FREE again on Amazon on May 1st and 2nd.
To celebrate, we've decided to give you character interviews!

I was lucky enough to get GWEN AND DORIAN to stop by to answer a few questions!!!!

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 Gwen & Dorian

Q: How do you party and raise hell? Or do you raise hell and then party?

*Dorian smiles, his lips quirking into a devilish grin* It's a misconception that I and the Devil are one in the same. I'm a neutral party between good and evil who collects their damaged souls. But.....when I party I can't help but raise a little hell.

*Gwen snorts and shakes her head*

Q: Who's your favorite vampire (I can't wait to hear Dorian's response!)

*Gwen shifts uncomfortably but smiles weakly* I'd have to say Brad Pitt. Fictional vampires are the only ones I can deal with right now.

*Dorian glances at Gwen and then back* Personally I love Count Chocula. Who knew a vampire could create something so delicious? 

Q:Who's your favorite witch?

Isn't it obvious? *Dorian's eyes roam up the length of Gwen.

Gwen trys her hardest to pretend not to notice.

Q: Who's your least favorite ghost?

Dorian: Casper, that little bastard creeps me out.

*Gwen laughs*

Q: If you could be anywhere, where would it be?

*Gwen crosses her leg over the other* On a sandy beach far far away.
Q: And with who?

*Before Gwen can answer, Dorian interjects.* Me of course!

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  1. Love it! Thank you, Dorian and Gwen. :) Too funny.

  2. I like it when Gwen and Dorian get together too!

  3. I love this interview.I love when thees two are together.Not happy with Aiden right now maybe he can redeem himself but i dont think him and Gwen will get back together.But we never know.I do love Dorian though.