Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Red Dress Flash Fiction

Happy March 1st! At the beginning of the year, I promised some flash fiction so here is the first one.

Since I don't want to step on any copyright toes, here is the link to the picture that inspired the work.

Mika allowed the ceremonial red gown to fall down her body and soothed out the skirt. The red stood for disgrace, and the gold designs were added to remind her of her people’s wealth which she would now have to live without until the end of her days. She would be the first of her kind to leave the city, the first female elf to ever be banished.

She did not hold herself responsible for the crime of dishonoring her parents and her people. No. It wasn’t her fault. Blame fell upon the golden-haired werewolf who entered the city a week ago to trade furs and gems with her father. His sea blue eyes penetrated her unlike any elven man’s had. Certainly, unlike her betrothed––the Prince. How could she go through with the arranged marriage after that gaze had seared her soul and wounded her heart until she could think of nothing else? They’d shared no more than one look, one long glance, and he’d ruined her for the rest of her long life. Truth be told, those eyes were to blame for her fate.

But how could she regret the tiny explosions in her heart and abdomen?

Mika draped the cape of the dress over her head and cast a solemn glance at the guards who entered. Her life-long friends who had tried to change her mind and save her from dishonor, now had to escort her out of the room she’d been imprisoned in, out of the city, past the great wall, and leave her in the forest where starvation or death by predators awaited.

Head down, she followed them in silence and endured the humiliation and hisses of disapproval with all the grace of a high elven princess. No matter her fate, she had vowed to leave with her honor intact. She would not cry or fight or demand the laws change. She simply accepted her choice to listen when her heart spoke and accept the consequences, even if it meant death.

The torturous journey became easier once they passed the city walls. The guards weren’t allowed to speak to her, so she had time to attune herself with the earthly surroundings before they left her standing alone inside the forest line.
Removing the degrading cape from her head, she searched for a strong stick to use as a weapon. She’d always been wealthy and had never spent one day toiling alongside the working class, but she was far from helpless. Long before she was born, elves had lived in forests and survived happily for centuries. She had faith, she could do the same.

“Do you need assistance, ma’am? A warm place to stay perhaps?”

Startled by the voice, Mika turned around to face the intruder. The stick fell from her grip, and her heart melted as she met sea blue eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this! Please, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Also, I'd like to offer YOU a CHALLENGE.

Either add your version of this picture (to be published on my site at a later date) to the comments OR post the link to a new picture you'd like me to try and create some flash fiction from.

If you'd like to send a picture you took, great! Email it to me with the subject Flash Fiction at (Please note, if you do this, you are giving me permission to post the picture online. Flash fiction is normally 500 words or less.)

Sound like fun? I hope so.



  1. I challenge you to finish this story. Please. I will accept any of your challenges if you complete this into a little longer of a story. This is an amazing start to something great... a new series you say? Elves and Wolves? Gives me shivers to think what Lisa Rayns could do with this!!!!

  2. It is finished, and it has a happily ever after. I have so many books to write, I couldn't possibly write a full story for every idea one picture inspired.

    But I'll take your "wanting more" as a compliment to my writing style.

    Thanks, Danyel!