Friday, March 28, 2014

Sweet Blood Review

Life altering events draw Bee Specialist, Gabrielle Angelo into the immortal life drama of Professor Colton Stone, the last remaining member of the O'Logha Clan; the last of the Sweet Blood Bee Vampires.

Together they take an emotional roller coaster ride that leads to intrigue, danger and a mystery that reveals how their lives come full circle ending with a love that will bind them together forever.

An archaic species of honey bee has surfaced with a vengeance over the city of Phoenix, Arizona. It searches for a fresh blood supply to replenish Stone's human hive that is well hidden in the Superstition Mountains.

Unforeseen complications arise when a terrible accident threatens Gabrielle's life as she searches for the illusive colony of bees. She is left with no memory and finds herself dependent on Colton Stone.
Colton realizes he must help Gabrielle remember her past if he is to find out how she came to be wearing his immortal Clan's ring that disappeared over 100 years ago.

The mystery of Gabrielle's lost life starts unraveling as Colton uncovers hidden information that leads to deceit and betrayal among his own kind when a rogue vampire is hired to destroy him.

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And now for my review...

Sweet Blood by Jacqueline Mary Piepenhagen

Fast-paced and unique, Sweet Blood is an interesting paranormal romance. I enjoyed the characters and the world/environment the author created. I found the twist on the feeding needs of the vampire, Colton Stone, an endearing point in the book, which I must say, makes it perfectly titled.

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