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Wanted: Vampire Book Blast

Wanted: Vampire - Free Blood
Book 1 in the Wanted: Vampire Trilogy
Released: Aug 24, 2012 Genre: Paranormal Romance Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Three years ago, death blew out the candle in Alexis Hall’s life and left her devastated. Nothing could replace what she’d lost, not even the sexy stranger she awoke married to. Still, she finds it hard to ignore the dangerous sparks he triggers within her. She knows Bradley Cox took advantage of her. What she doesn’t know is he holds a secret that will change everything.
But Bradley isn’t her only concern. In a moment of desperation to somehow reclaim what she had lost, Alexis made an offer to a vampire––free blood. Her blood.
In a story of heartbreak and obsession, a simple ad changed Alexis' life forever and on one fateful night her dreams and her nightmares will collide. Can she trust Bradley? Or is he her worst mistake? Can she retract her offer to the vampire? Or will she fall under his deceptive spell?

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He spoke slowly, introducing himself as Malik Drake with a sharp foreign accent that she couldn’t place. She thought he seemed nice, right up until he said, “You’re dead.

When she froze in place, he continued in a softer tone. “I can tell you are dead inside. You needn’t try to hide it from me. I’ve seen the look before. You are at a party yet you bide your time with hardly an upward glance. You find it dull, do you not? Or perhaps, you would rather be dead?”

“What are you? A shrink?” she asked suspiciously, lifting her head to meet a spine-tingling smirk.

“No, but I should think you might be interested in my unique gifts.”

“Oh, really? Do you drink blood?” she teased, laughing at her own private joke. A tiny gasp escaped her lips when he smiled and tightened his grip around her waist. Her heart beat faster, and she found herself unable to look away from his beauty.

“May I give you a birthday kiss, Alexis?” he asked, running a gloved finger down the side of her neck.

She didn’t get a chance to answer before his cold lips brushed hers. For a moment they stared into each other’s eyes, and she saw a yellow glow around his pupils.

Her mind raced with the possibilities, but her body was losing its ability to function. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t breathe. The air wouldn’t enter her lungs.

Wanted: Vampire - Bad Blood
Book 2 in the Wanted: Vampire Trilogy
Released: Feb 24, 2013
Joel’s back.
Determined to return her sexy ex to his former vampire self, Tara Callister does what she has to do: She exposes three evil witches in order to enlist her coven’s help. Unfortunately for her, things don’t always work out as planned.
Targeted by her enemies, betrayed by her coven, she must figure out how to save herself and those she loves from the evil entwining itself in her life. But when her journey of self discovery leads her down an even darker path, will she stand behind her white witch promise or become one of them? And more importantly, are Joel’s feelings for her strong enough to survive it all?

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She’d just stepped out of her car in a black designer suit when a sudden chill in the night air alerted her to a vampire’s presence. She took a hurried step toward the building, then stopped abruptly.

A sexy blond blocked her path. Bathed in the neon lights from the bar, his face held a predatory expression while his beautiful blue eyes pulsed and soaked in every inch of her body. He wore tight jeans and no shirt over his chiseled abs and arms which outdid any masterpiece she’d ever seen.

At first, she did nothing but stare. Her heart beat faster, frenzied, as she tried and failed to remember the danger he posed. After a moment, she finally managed three words, “Where’s your shirt?”

He glanced at his pecks. “It caught on something. That’s never happened before.”

“I see,” she said awkwardly. “I’m glad to hear it wasn’t covered in blood.”

His eyes narrowed. “It was you.”

“Me?” Tara swallowed and retreated until her backside brushed against her car. “I didn’t do anything. I swear it.”

“It was your scent.” He chuckled and stepped in front of her. “If you think I’m here to hurt you, why haven’t you cast on me?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I’m a sucker for a handsome face.”

“And if I told you I did want to taste you. What would you do then?”

A whimper left her lips when his musky aroma reached her nose. Her knees felt weak, and she had to concentrate to remain standing in his presence. 

“Don’t you like what you see?” he asked in a low voice.

“Oh,” she squeaked, fighting the urge to touch the sculptured lines before her. She felt no heat from his body, but that didn’t stop the sprinkler system from going off in her brain and turning it to mush. “It’s–it’s–I–yes, yes. You could be a model. Is that why you’re here? Because I run an art gallery?”

Instead of answering, he leaned closer and inhaled near her hair. “You’re the sexiest witch I’ve ever seen,” he whispered before he placed a cool kiss on her neck.

Tara reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. She immediately placed a call and breathlessly said, “It’s over. I’ve found someone else.”

To that, the vampire smiled. “That’s my girl.”

“I don’t know who I just called. I don’t have a boyfriend.”

He smirked and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “I think you should have one.”
She nodded, a smile forming. “I definitely should. What should his name be?”


Book 3 in the Wanted: Vampire Trilogy: Coming in February 2014
About the Author
Lisa Rayns, author of the paranormal romance, "Wanted: Vampire – Free Blood," lives in a small town in South Dakota. She studied Composition/Literature in college and worked with explosives and as a blackjack dealer before beginning her writing career. An avid reader, she weaves romantic stories rich with action, suspense, and her own personal flavor of the paranormal. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with her family and Siamese cat. For more information about Lisa and her books, visit her website at
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