Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tangled Up in Trouble Excerpt

Tangled Up in Trouble by Olivia Hardin

Lynlee Lincoln isn’t just a witch, she’s also a Neutralizer. Her job is a juggling act to keep magical and undead clients out of trouble. But getting back together with her old flame throws one more ball into the mix and romance with a guy who has two kids can get complicated. When her old mentor asks her to investigate the goings-on of a dark witch, things turn messy. The witch is stalking supernatural creatures to collect ingredients for a potion that Lynlee can’t seem to figure out. To keep those closest to her from becoming the next victims, she may have to confront the demons within herself.    

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Now for the Excerpt...

My eyes followed a billowy dark plume of smoke along the skyline until I found a cabin nestled atop a little rise to my left. I started that way. It was a quaint little place if you liked isolation. The house was small and simple with probably only two or three bedrooms and a narrow wraparound porch. I heard some noise coming from the back of the building so I hiked that way.

A big dirty-blond fellow was chopping wood just behind the house. He had his shirt off and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said the guy was a rippling mass of muscle. His abs were perfectly sculpted and his arms bulged as he swung the ax high and dropped it down with what seemed only a minimal amount of exertion. Steam rose off his body in little wisps and swirls.

“Can I help you?” he asked without looking at me. I jumped, startled, and then reached up to check whether I was drooling or not. Of course he would have heard me approach. Possibly smelled me too since he was a werecat.

“I’m looking for the Dodds—Peter and Donna.”

He rubbed at a drop of sweat on the tip of his nose before turning his blue-gray eyes to me. I felt all gooey inside when he looked at me.

“My mom’s inside. Just knock on the front door”

My gooiness turned sickening when I realized this was the Dodd’s son, Peter. He wasn’t exactly a child, but I wasn’t exactly a young adult either. Werecats matured quickly.

“Thanks,” I muttered, spinning around as fast as I could.

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  1. This is one of my favorite scenes. Thanks for post and for being a part of the tour.

    Happy reading, All!