Friday, July 5, 2013

Embracing the Wolf Excerpt

Embracing the Wolf by Stephanie Nelson

For the first time, Anna Avery was looking forward to the future. She’s mated to her soul mate. The pack has become her new family, and she has friends she can confide in. She had every reason to look ahead, until a vision put her future happiness in jeopardy. Someone is set on destroying her mate, Adam, and only Anna can prevent this possible future. While trying to unravel the hazy web of her premonition, she finds out the annual pack conference will take place on her mountain. And Adam’s parents will be attending. As only a “made” wolf, Anna will have to face their prejudice and possibly make the hardest decision she has ever had to make. Because saving Adam’s life might just mean walking away from him for forever.

About Stephanie Stephanie resides in the Midwest with her husband and furry children. When she's not cooking up Gwen and Anna's next adventures, she enjoys reading, traveling and watching movies.

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Now for the Excerpt...

Relationships never used to be this difficult. Why couldn’t Adam be a regular guy with regular parents and regular problems? I’d gone twenty-three years without succumbing to the mushiness of relationships. Most of my dates had consisted of some guy trying to sweet-talk me while I silently prayed for an asteroid to crash into whatever diner we were at. It all made sense now, the reason why none of my beaus worked out before. I’d been waiting for Adam all along. It was like my soul knew he was out there, somewhere, waiting for me, too.

Two weeks ago we’d been blissfully happy, too engrossed in each other to face the bigger issues. And to be honest, Adam was still in that state. I saw it every time he looked at me. Touched me. Kissed me. The issues were sitting solely on my shoulders. He was the prince in this story and I the waif he’d fallen for. God, it sounded like some bad Lifetime movie—only with a lot more hair and teeth. Maggie’s words haunted me. I wanted to shrug it off as nothing more than a snooty woman not thinking I was good enough for her baby boy. If only it were that easy. I could deal with bitchy in-laws and their upturned noses. What I couldn’t handle, what tortured my mind, was the fact that I was worse than a poor girl who’d captured the prince’s heart; I was a liability.

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