Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Erotic Healing Review

A tragic accident shattered Brenna Halsted’s hopes and dreams. No one wants a runway model with angry scars that hurt long after the pain should have faded. Although her best friend tries desperately to talk her out of it, she decides a one night stand with a stranger on the other side of the world will break the cycle of bitterness and misery she has fallen into.

Kostas Drakos fell in love with the spirited runway model nearly a decade ago. His heart longs for the woman who makes his body and soul ache. While the world watches her downward spiral toward depression, he’s determined to make her smile again. If a single night in his arms could break through the barriers, he would be content to see her happy. If he can make her love him while he’s at it, better yet.

Can Madame Evangeline and her mystic ways bring two people together despite the limits of a one night stand?

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My review...

Erotic HealingErotic Healing by Becca Dale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This short has interesting characters, it’s well-written, and the sex is nice and steamy. It’s very short but I liked it, especially the delightful twist at the end. I see this is part of a series and I've never read any of the others but this is just fine as a stand-alone too.

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