Friday, March 23, 2012

Stolen Blog Post...

I don't know if anyone knows this, but I'm in love with Holden. That's right! Shhh...don't tell. Ever since I read Secrets by Liz Schulte, I've been in love with this bad boy. Actually, I loved him at Chapter 2, I loved him all the way through the 2nd book, Choices, and damn it, I'm looking forward to loving him all the way through the third book, Consequences, once it's out! (HURRY, PLEASE!)

So naturally when I saw this, I had to steal it to post it on my blog. Having Holden here makes me swoon!

Stolen from Liz Schulte:

Hello, everyone!
I am the author of the Guardian Trilogy and today I am bringing you a conversation between me and one of the main characters in the books, Holden Smith. Unlike everyone else, Holden flat out refused to do a guest post for me—
Holden- Because all your ideas were stupid.
They were not. You could have written something about your f...avorite moment as a jinni.
Holden *silence* *crickets chirping*
Right, well that one could have been better.
Holden- I rest my case.
I’ll have you know I wrote you into this story, I can write you out of it too.
*Holden assesses me* Please, a few sweet words and you’re putty in my hands.
*Looks away to hide the fact he might be right*
Holden- Besides, you haven’t always shown good judgment. You created Quintus too. What a tool.
He’s not so bad.
Holden- He’s a tool, Liz, a tool.
He is not. Stop getting me off point, you’re the reason I need an editor. Tell me how you feel the second book, Choices, went.
Holden- *sighs a long suffering sigh* Better and worse than expected. I mean you **** ** **** **** *** (redacted)—and that sucked—but life went on. I got a promotion—
And made a friend.
Holden- *looks at me disgusted* I don’t have friends.
Hmmm agree to disagree.
Holden- Anyway, the promotion turned out not to be a terrible thing. Sometimes a disgusting thing, but not a terrible one.
So where do you think you are headed in book three?
Holden- Shouldn’t you know.
I know. I just want to see what you think.
Holden- Maybe you will finally let me kill Quintus. Fingers crossed.
Maybe I will.
Holden- Really?
I guess you’ll have to wait and see.


  1. Lisa, am wondering how well you know Liz Schulte. Sure, she's a good writer, but this woman is in love with Holden, who, we learn, is her own creation. Not only that: she has "conversations" with him. If you know her well enough to speak frankly, you might suggest that she could use a vacation.......certainly a vacation from writing. Perhaps, like Holden, she doesn't have any friends. Maybe you could serve as a "fill-in" friend if that is the case. Noone wants to see a talented writer lose her grip on reality. All the best to you and to Liz.

  2. Liz is a great friend of mine and she is an awesome author! The secret is that only good writers know their muses well enough to have conversations with them. I hope you read her Guardian trilogy. It's a amazing! Thanks so much for your best wishes!

  3. Don't be jealous, thesearcher, that only Liz is lucky enough to have conversations with Holden. I'd give my right ovary for a day with him!

  4. I think it marks Liz Schulte as an excellent writer to love her characters. This just means she loves what she does and therefore produces excellent books!

  5. oh Holden. I think I'm in love. I want him to have conversations with me.

    Thank you Liz for the entertainment. MORE Holden PLEASE!!

  6. I want to have Holden's children...And I don't even like children. Love the interview and Liz Schulte's evil mind!!!