Monday, October 27, 2014

The Snarkology Halloween Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop on the second annual Snarkology Halloween Blog Hop! I have something special for all you trick-or-treaters this year... 

Have you ever listened to a song and wondered what happened before the song came about? Well, you're in luck because I wrote a little flash fiction bit as my version of what came before one of my favorite Halloween songs, Monster Mash.

My prelude to Monster Mash:

No one enjoyed Halloween as much as Dara. In fact, the last few years, she barely saw any of her friends around All Hallows Eve. This year, she decided it would be different.
She dressed in her favorite blue dress, the one with the black lace and the tight bodice that pushed her breasts together enough to create cleavage. She felt sexy and persuasive when she gathered the dozens of black roses she’d been nurturing for months. Placing them in the basket which hung from her broom, she paused long enough for her talking black cat, Midnight, to situate himself on the stiff brown bristles. Anxious and excited, she mounted her wooden steed, then departed, flying into the evening to begin her mission.
At sunset, Dracula opened the door to his castle. The gorgeous undead man stretched and yawned, but once his eyes fell upon her cleavage, his cheek rose and revealed one sharp fang. “Good evening, Dara. Is it October 30th again already?”
“Yes, it is.” She gripped his cold hand in both of hers and shook it as she spoke. “And I want to make this the best Halloween ever so I’m throwing a party at Dr. Frankenstein’s place tomorrow night. It starts at 7:00, just after sunset.”
Head shaking, Dracula retracted his hand. “Every year you ask, and every year I tell you the same thing. I’m simply too busy on All Hallows Eve to attend a party. I have children to scare from one end of Transylvania to the other. You know Halloween is my busiest night. I have a responsibility. Like Kris Kringle,” he added, turning up a smirk, “but perhaps a bit bloodier.”
“That’s too bad.” She handed him a black rose anyway and watched him inhale its unique scent. Pride filled her with a smile. “Your son’s invited too. Don’t forget, it’s at 7:00 sharp.” Without waiting for his response, she once again hopped onto her broom.
Dracula cast a glance at his brick ceiling and sighed. “I said I won’t be there, Dara. I have plans.”
She nodded her acknowledgement with a frown. “Okay.”
On her trusty broom, she continued her quest. She flew to every corner of Transylvania, delivering a rose and a party invitation to every monster she knew. Each short visit went exactly the same as the one with Dracula. Everyone was too busy to attend her party.
Midnight followed her all evening, shaking his head after each encounter. He didn’t say anything until the next day, a quarter of an hour before the scheduled party.
Jumping onto the table where she was preparing the punch at Dr. Frankenstein’s place, he meowed a sad tone. “I’m sorry no one can make it to your party, Dara.”
She raised her right shoulder, undeterred by the rejections. “I booked the band last week. We can’t have a party without music.”
Midnight slapped his front paws onto his head. “Why are you bothering? Everyone is busy.”
“Get down.” She pushed him off the table with a huff, making him land on his feet with a thunk. “Not even monsters like to drink cat hair.”
From the hard floor, Midnight licked his sore ego and again shook his head. “They’re grownups now. They don’t have time to play and enjoy the holidays anymore.”
Dara smiled and picked up the last of her precious black roses, the ones she’d nurtured with love and care and a dancing spell that would take effect at 7 pm on All Hallows Eve. Every monster who had smelled one of the roses would have an uncontrollable urge to dance and join her party.
It would be the best Halloween ever!
“Even if you’re a grown up, sometimes you have to stop…” She inhaled the rose’s scent. “…and dance.”

She nodded to the band to start playing. “Wait for it…”

I hope you enjoyed my post. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and this year it's even more special to me. Why? 

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  1. Now I'm going to have Monster Mash in my head all week!
    Great post.

    1. That's awesome, Daryl. There are definitely worse songs to have stuck in your head. Thanks for the Tweet!

  2. Love Vampires. That was my first paranormal read .. Vampire. :)) Thanks for the chance..

  3. Luckily I have always enjoyed Monster Mash, so I don't mind it playing over and over in my head now *L*
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  4. Thank you for the giveaway! Awesome post.

  5. Like Jean, I now have the song stuck in my head, lol. Happy Halloween!!!

  6. Interesting vampire series

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  7. Great short story, Lisa! Happy Halloween!! ^,__,^

  8. So is Dara the "devil in the blue dress"? Looks like another song could be linked to your story.


  9. Lisa,
    This song and your story made me laugh. I haven't heard it in ages. Great choice for a fun post! Thank you so much for taking part in the blog hop. Happy Halloween!

  10. I love the covers to your books. I like my vampires a nice mix of creepy and sexy. Look like you have the sexy covered.

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  11. I'll be humming that song all night. Although if you think about some of the lyrics, it's a very creepy song. "To the master bedroom where the vampires feast..."