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Done With Love Review

Done With Love… a What’s Love??? novel, Book Two


Once upon a time…
Bridal boutique owner, Alexis Gorecki, used to believe in happily-ever-afters—until prince charming turned into a toad.

Months after being blindsided by her own horrific wedding scandal, Lexie is desperately trying to keep her boutique afloat in the wake of all the bad publicity. Waging war against her evil almost-in-laws—the people who will stop at nothing to ruin her reputation—sounded much better in her head. Lexie's strawberries and cream personality really isn’t cut out for taser guns and blackmail.

To complicate matters, Lexie's first love is back in town with his sexy green eyes and out-of-control abs. He already broke her heart once before, the beast. Leo Moss has always been her weakness and he's made it perfectly clear what he wants. Can he convince Lexie she's not done with love just yet?

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About the Author

Niecey Roy knew she wanted to be a writer from a very young age, but her moment of enlightenment came after watching the movie You’ve Got Mail. It was then she realized her place in life and happily parked her butt on writing romance. Her dream was to create sexy vixens, hunky, half naked heroes, and above all, romance; lots and lots of butterflies in the belly, breathless first kisses and happily-ever-afters.

When she’s not at her day job where she works as a legal assistant, she can be found at home at a cluttered desk, pounding her tired little fingers away on a keyboard with nothing but black pepper flavored sunflower seeds and Visine as her weapons for mass-romance-novel-creation. When her fingers need a break, you’ll find her at a table with friends, drinking a few martinis and showing off a new pair of (sometimes ridiculous) high heels. She’s usually the loudest at the table and most often the one snorting with laughter.

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And now for my review...

Done With Love (What's Love??? novel, #2)Done With Love by Niecey Roy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I absolutely loved this book! The heroine is entertaining and funny, and I fell in love with the hero the INSTANT he was introduced. Leo is a total babe, and I was rooting for this couple the entire book. The predicament was relatable; I think everyone has felt absolutely ruined by love at one time in their lives, and watching the new relationship unfold was truly heartwarming and fun.

This is the first book I’ve read by this author, so I haven’t read the first book in the series. I didn’t feel as though I missed out on anything, meaning it reads as a standalone.

Done With Love is a humorous and beautifully crafted romance, one of the best I’ve read in years!

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