Friday, June 21, 2013

All for Hope Review

All of Hope

To protect her heart, he left her behind. To protect her life, he’ll leave the life he's made behind. Sometimes the safest distance between two hearts is no distance at all… Kidnapping a baby wasn’t something Hope ever dreamed she would do. But she’s been burned by the legal system before, so when the court places her friend’s child into the custody of an abuser, she takes matters into her own hands. She steals the baby and fakes her death, hoping to make a clean getaway. She planned every detail, except one. Her high school sweetheart and best friend, who left her years before, sees her at a gas station. Hope thinks all is lost, until he offers to help them. Brennan had always been the love of Hope’s life, but he never wanted to be. She knows she cannot depend on him for long. However, as each day passes, it becomes painfully obvious that she is in way over her head. She goes with him, intending to keep him always an arm’s length away to protect her heart. But being on the run together sparks the old flames that once burned between Brennan and Hope. Families, friends, and lovers must band together to save an innocent baby and a daring woman or both of their lives will be destroyed. Together, they’ll do it All for Hope…

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Now for my Review...

All for HopeAll for Hope by Olivia Hardin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All for Hope begins reading more like a mystery than a romance novel which I found interesting and unique. Though the passage of time moves quickly, the scenes are well developed and held my interest. I have a bit of trouble connecting with a heroine who is a saint, but the story is great and definitely worth the read. It’s heartwarming and cozy and has a very special baby at the heart of it all. I think Hope should have been the baby’s name. My favorite thing about this book: Lost love, a rekindled flame, true love realized. I loved the hero’s struggle with the relationship and the little tidbits about her dreams and how she told her mother she wanted to marry him one day. Sweet and well placed. Great read if you’re looking for a cozy romance!

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words about All for Hope.

    Happy reading, everyone.


  2. You're very welcome, Olivia! Thanks for stopping by. :)