Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome Brenda Sparks!

Daelyn Torres is determined to break free from her over-protective brother. Born a demon, she knows little of the world outside her home and work. A chance blind date promises adventure and perhaps a walk on the wild side. But her night on the town takes a deadly turn when she is gravely injured and left to die. A handsome, mysterious stranger comes to her rescue and brings with him a passion she has never experienced.

A dark guardian sent to investigate a series of missing person cases, vampire Ky Robinson is ready for anything, except the insatiable desire that engulfs him when he meets Daelyn. He senses their destiny is intertwined and vows to do everything in his power to keep her safe. The only problem: demons and vampires go together like fire and ice.

Daelyn never believed in things that went bump in the night but is more than willing to be seduced by the sexy vampire who marks both her body and soul. Will Ky be able to keep them both alive long enough to prove that vampires and demons can be so much more than friends?


Tonight it was just him against the rogue, and he preferred it that way. He wanted to be the one to take this monster down. He had been tracking him for months, since he began noticing a pattern of missing person cases in his city. He had been spending most of his nights casing the bar. Watching. Waiting for a lucky break and it looked like he got it tonight.

He ghosted behind the couple. Following them on silent feet, he stayed deep in the shadows of the buildings. As they made their way down the sidewalk, Ky noted the way the woman walked. Her legs seemed unsteady, most of her weight supported by the male arm around her waist. It was strange because she had not consumed all that much alcohol at the bar. Only two glasses of wine—Ky had counted. The agent had heard her speaking throughout the night. She had seemed fine, yet now she seemed unsteady, words slurring as they left her pouty lips.

She stumbled. Catching on a bit of raised sidewalk, her shoe flew off behind her in Ky’s direction. She turned to look over her shoulder, her eyes meeting his. His heart hitched in his chest, time seemed to stop.

The bronzed skin on her heart-shaped face was flawless. Long dark haired flowed around her shoulders with the turn of her head. Her chocolate eyes captured his, holding his eyes to her until he felt himself falling into her gaze. The fall of her lashes broke the spell, creating dark crescents on her delicate cheekbones. Her petite nose led to full, luscious lips that sent a surge of desire through his body. His sure strides faltered slightly under the weight of her beauty. She was a goddess.

She was in grave danger.

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Now for the Interview...

Please welcome my very good friend Brenda Sparks!

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you do for fun?

I love exploring new places. When I’m not writing (which isn’t often), I am on vacation or trasping around local spots of interest for fun. I’ve been to some really interesting places like a bat conservatory and underground caverens.

Q: What do you like most about the genre you write in?

I have always loved all things spooky and enjoy incorporating paranormal elements in my writing. The best thing about writing paranormal romances is that no pesky human constraints get in the way of telling the story. The only thing limiting my stories is my imagination.

Q: Where is your favorite time/place to write?

My favorite place to write is my family room, sitting on my couch with my laptop on my lap. I prefer to do it in the early morning hours, while the family is sleeping and the house is silent.
My best ideas come around 3:00 a.m. for some reason, so I get up and write. Most people think I’m nuts for getting up so early, especially on the weekends, but what can I say, with a teenage son in the house I have to find quiet time when I can get it.

Q: What’s your next project?

I am currently working on book six of the Alpha Council Chronicles series. Book one, Alpha Mine, releases later this year. The series follows the members of an elite vampiric fighting group called The Alpha Council who are called upon to vanquish the malevolent monsters that threaten the world.

I started writing this series years ago and am looking forward to sharing the Alphas with readers.

Q: How do you feel about Dr. Pepper?  

I love Dr. Pepper, but I haven’t had one lately. Let’s sit down and pop open a can.

Let's do that. Thanks so much for stopping by, Brenda!


  1. Thanks you for allowing me to stop by today, Lisa. You are such a sweety and I adore your Wanted Vampire series. Hope your followers enjoy reading a little about me and my story. xoxo

  2. Well, you know I keep the Dr. Pepper cold, so come back again! I can't wait to start this book!