Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mine to Keep Review

Lady Elizabella Aldrich receives notice of an inheritance in Padua, Italy. Arriving from England, she discovers another heir lays claim to the castle. An unreasonably handsome Italian rogue stands between her and the castle she's inherited.

Leonardo Da Mitri never met the noble who included him in his will. But after one look at Lady Eliza he relishes the challenge of defeating the beauty to make the castle his own.

Astonished to learn they must wed and remain married for a year, it soon becomes apparent someone does not want the nuptials to take place. As Eliza fights her growing desire for Leo, he fights for his life. Will he walk away from his inheritance--and Eliza? Or is he willing to risk everything to stay married to the woman who has claimed his heart as hers... to keep?

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My Review: 5 Star!

This is a fun, hilarious historical romance. Forced to marry and remain so for a year and a day, Leo becomes a new husband. Pure sexual frustration makes him demanding of his hot-headed, spoiled wife, Eliza. Her own frustrations cause her to deny him. It’s very well-written. The characters and their situation are delightful and fresh, and I loved every word! I highly recommend this book, it is so entertaining!

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