Monday, December 19, 2011

Welcome Elizabeth Sharp!

Lisa: Hi Elizabeth! I just wanted to ask you a couple of quick questions about my favorite character in your book - Xander! *swoon* What gave you the idea for Xander?

Elizabeth: As for Xander, I have to explain about Lia. She is based on a real person, my best friend. Tori is the youngest and the only girl. Xander is created from her three brothers, rolled into one and filtered through me.

Lisa: Did you have a protective brother when you were growing up?

Elizabeth: I have three brothers, though they are all over ten years older than me. One of them I'm fairly close with, but he wasn't really around much when I was growing up, so I don't know how protective he would have been.

Lisa: And of course the question I must ask…How do you feel about Dr. Pepper?

Elizabeth: Dr. Pepper is my crack. It's possible my blood contains 23 ingredients. ;)

Lisa: Awww…a girl after my own heart!

Elizabeth’s website:

Natural Selection ~ Forces of Nature ~ Book One

What do you do when you find out your family isn't your family, death is knocking at your door, and that guy you can't stop thinking about knows more about who you are than you do? Amelia Hoffman was just a normal 15 year old until she found out the truth. Now ancient myths, supernatural beings, and murder have changed everything. Tests and school dances are no longer the biggest worry in her life-- she has to figure out how to save everyone she loves and accept the future in front of her before its too late.

And don’t forget, Book 2 will be released December 30th!

Second Nature ~ Forces of Nature ~ Book Two

Amelia Hoffman always knew she would be with Nathaniel Peplow forever, but after they bonded everything started to go wrong. Nate treats her like the enemy, her siblings are in danger, and an old threatgrows closer. As Nate pulls away and Amelia’s burgeoning friendship with a handsome stranger blossoms, she worries she made the biggest mistake of her life. If sorting out her love life wasn’t enough, a new drug emerges that not only threatens the ones she loves, but seems to be part of something larger than she could ever imagine. Amelia’s new and old friends must work together to not only save themselves, but the whole world.

Since this is the first author interview that has given a positive response to my Dr. Pepper question, I feel like celebrating! Leave a comment and let me know how you really feel about Dr. Pepper? Does it go with this book?

I think it did! You can see my review on the reviews page:)


  1. I love Xander too! <3
    Looks like I'm going to have a late Christmas present to myself :) Can't wait to read Second Nature.

  2. Me too, especially after that spectacular ending in the first book! She should write faster:)

  3. I'm not a fan of the book cover but for $0.99 I'll give it a go.

  4. It reminds me of the Fallen cover by Lauren Kate. I like it. The last half of the book is killer:)