Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Welcome Stephanie Nelson

Big welcome to my super cool guest – Stephanie Nelson!

Stephanie Nelson, author of Craved, has stopped by to graciously answer three questions for me.

Stephanie’s Website:

Lisa: I absolutely loved Craved and I loved the way you portrayed witches and I was just wondering of all the supernatural beings out there, why witches?

Stephanie: I didn't so much choose a witch for my MC as it just popped into my head. I was decorating my house for Halloween and had a vampire and witch decoration. As I positioned them in my yard, and continued to stare at them, the story just formed. I wondered who would win in a fight, a vampire or a witch? And then I wondered why the heck would they be fighting in the first place? Well, it didn't take long for the story to reveal itself to me and let me know that vampires find witches tasty, hence the fighting. LOL  After finishing up with my decorating, I jumped on my computer and began to write. They say muses can come from many different things, music, actors, friends, etc... But who'd have ever thought that a couple Halloween yard stakes would inspire me to write a series? The world's a funny place.

Lisa: If you were a witch…what would you do?

Stephanie: I would love to be a witch! But then again, I think most people would. I think I'd use my witchy powers, whatever they may be, for good rather than evil. Maybe I'd be the first superhero witch, riding across the sky on my broomstick dishing out justice. But I wouldn't wear a cape, they seem overrated. 

Lisa: And of course, my last question - How do you feel about Dr. Pepper?
Stephanie: I think Dr. Pepper should go back to medical school and concoct a soda that doesn't make me gag = )

Lisa: Um, I’m sorry. Stephanie’s last remark had to be stricken from my blog. 
Thanks so much for coming Stephanie!


  1. Hahaha on the Dr. Pepper remark! Short and sweet I love it!

  2. Loved having you and I am impatiently waiting for Hunted to come out!