Monday, April 23, 2012

Fate's Design Book Tour

Fate’s Design

Fate Series Book One

A summer vacation in Italy with her twin sister, Morgan, is just what Megan Romano needs. But instead of fun, wine, and relaxation, she finds unexpected romance. Alexandros DiPiero, a sexy and mysterious Italian businessman, falls for Megan the minute he lays eyes on her, but Megan knows it’s too good to be true.

Increasingly haunting dreams that warn of danger and destiny plague Megan’s every sleeping moment. As her nightmares become deadly and her love life heats up, Megan will come face to face with her worst fear.

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The Author is working with Promotional Book Tours to give way 3 Prizes for this tour- Grand Prize NOOK Simple Touch or Kindle Touch or $100 Gift Card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble (It's the Winners Choice) Second Prize is a silver 'Love' Necklace, and third prize is an ecopy of Fate's Design.

This tour will run from April 23rd and through May 31

Closed - Congratulations Sandy S., Debbie J., & Kristi F. 


  1. Of having my son behavior problems resolved

  2. I had a dream about being a dancer on a tv show lol.

    April K.

  3. A few years back I had a dream that both of my daughters were pregnant at the same time. That didn't happen but both of them did have babies later.

  4. I Had A Dream Of Me Meeting Someone Mysteryious well I havent met them yet.

  5. I think that I live my dreams now..great job and a loving family!

  6. Loving these dreams!!



  7. I often dream that I'm pregnant or giving birth.
    meltheplux at gmail dot com